December 2017,         Seraphin Gallery, Philadelphia, PA



March Selection  Seraphin Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

March Selection is a group exhibition in Gallery Two at Seraphin Gallery featuring selected works by Andrew Wapinski, Michael Delgado, Geoff Dubinski, Craig Craft, Raul Laura, Robert Rauschenberg, Hiro Sakaguchi, Phil Scarpone, George Segal, Friedrich Schroder Sonnenstern, Isaac Witkin and Millicent Young.


Exhibition Remains on View Through May 7th, 2017

Seraphin Gallery is thrilled to introduce painter Andrew Wapinski to our portfolio. A Pennsylvania native, Wapinski has been exhibiting his works since 2006 in galleries all over the nation, from D.C. and New York to Colorado. This artist, who grew up in a historic coal-mining town, was marked from a young age by his surroundings. How did man affect nature around him, and how did nature in turn rejuvenate and keep producing? This constant push and pull, building and destruction, fascinates Wapinski. He takes these ideas and applies them to his large-scale works, incorporating the concept of time as an element to both erode and heal. The inspiration Wapinski draws from the environment he interacted with in his youth, reflects not only in the visual components of his pieces, but also in his methodology. Full Introduction by Lindsey Covington: edited by Alyssa Laverda, Associate Director


Sense of Place     Elmhurst Art Museum
Elmhurst, IL
December 10th, 2016     


Exhibition remains on view through February 12th, 2017